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WoW G910


Trouble installing or calibrating? This video walks you through one step at a time to get WoW G910 running on Windows 10.



Can I make a donation for all your hard work on this?

Yes, thank you. Send your PayPal donation to

When I open the app the main windows says “Unable to start the Logitech LED driver. Please ensure LGS is running.” I’m sure LGS is running.

Several users have reported seeing this message. For almost all of them, reinstalling LGS and rebooting the computer fixed the problem. WoW G910 was tested with LGS ver 9.00.42 on Windows and LGS ver 8.98.306 in macOS.

When I double-click the WoW G910 app, I see a message my security settings don’t allow me to open applications from the Internet.

On Win10, click the “More Info” link then on the “Open Anyway” button. On Mac, right click the application icon, and choose “Open” from the pop-up menu.  After doing this once, you can simply double-click the app to open from then on.

Does WoW G910 work with illuminated keyboards other than the G910?

Any Logitech keyboard that uses Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) will have some control. You don’t have to go thru calibration to find out. Make sure LGS is running. Download the WoW G910 app, open it, and click the TEST button in the main window. If your keyboard is fully compatible with per-key lighting control, you’ll see a red and white pattern on the keyboard. If your keyboard only has single-color support, it will turn all red. 

If you have a single color keyboard, enable the “Use single-color keyboard mode” option on the main window to get the most out of WoW G910. 

Does this app violate the EULA or TOU?  

Can I get banned for using this?

This program has been out for 3 years with zero banning incidents. The G910xmit AddOn uses 100% Blizzard-sanctioned code and does not read any private Blizzard game memory. This program does not let you “cheat.” It does not take any action for you in game.

G910xmit displays a tiny window with 11 dim color spots to blink out 7-bit ASCII characters. The Mac or PC app has a simple screen scanner to watch for those dots and trigger the animations. 

The test button makes my keys flash red, and calibration was successful, but the animations aren’t playing when I get into combat or sell something.

Try quitting WoW G910, quitting and restarting LGS, then restarting WoW G910. You don’t have to quit WoW.

When I click the TEST button in the app window, my keyboard lights don’t change. What’s wrong?

  • 1) Make sure LGS is allowing 3rd party applications to control the lighting. In LGS, on the Settings page (gear icon) make sure “Allow games to control illumination” is checked on the General Tab.
  • 2) If you’re on Mac, it’s important to close the LGS window but keep LGS running. Close the window by clicking the window’s red close dot/box. You can tell LGS is still running because of the G logo in the menu bar. 
  • 3) Sometimes, you just need to Alt-Tab out of WoW, and then back into it and the lights will start working.

I programmed a color profile and enabled “Override LGS color profile” but the colors don’t appear in the keyboard. The test button does make the keyboard flash red.

On the Windows version, WoW G910 only applies the keyboard lighting profile when it detects that WoW is running. By default, it looks for wow-64.exe in the Windows task list. If your WoW executable is named something else, fix it by ALT-clicking on the WoW icon in the main window and fix the path shown for WoW to end with the correct executable name.

The app tries to calibrate for 90 seconds but the AddOn says it’s out of calibration mode after 30 seconds. What gives?

Calibration should take less than 30 seconds, so that’s how long the AddOn ignores events in WoW when you type /g910calibrate. But the pattern stays on the screen until something happens (e.g. combat, money, or a spell cooldown) that will overwrite the pattern. So it’s OK if the app needs more than 30 seconds as long as you don’t do anything until calibration is complete. 

Note, there is no way to stop calibration mode once it starts; the app will be unresponsive for 90 seconds or until it sees the calibration pattern.

Your AddOn messes up my screen shots. Can I turn it off temporarily?

There’s no built-in command to hide the small dot pattern in the top corner of the screen, but you can use the following 2 macros to do the same thing:


Macro 1:

/run G910xmit:Hide()

/run ScreenShot()


Macro 2:

/run G910xmit:Show()


Macro 1 it will hide the corner dots and take a screen shot. You have to run Macro 2 to control your lights again. You cannot combine these into a single macro because ScreenShot is not instant and the Show command will make the dots reappear before the picture is taken.

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