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macOS v7.0       18 Oct 20

Windows v7.1    29 Nov 20

WoW G910



When I open the app the main windows says “Unable to start the Logitech LED driver. Please ensure LGS is running.” I’m sure LGS or G Hub is running.


For most users, reinstalling LGS and G Hub and rebooting the computer fixed the problem. If you’re a G Hub user, install the latest version of LGS from Logitech anyway, to replace a missing software library. You don’t have to run LGS, just have it installed. Continue to use G Hub.

LGS for Windows is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. If you reinstall LGS and it still doesn’t work, try installing the other bit version. There’s no problem running 32-bit LGS in 64-bit Windows.

Logitech does not yet support custom lighting control with G Hub on Mac.  You must use LGS on Mac.

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