Seriously Fun Mac and Windows Software

Seriously Fun Mac and Windows Software

Arx Armory


More Info is More Power

for World of Warcraft

Target a player in WoW, click a button, and this app will summon that player’s™ info page.  Target an NPC, click a button, and moments later, see the™ info page for that NPC.

New in version 3.0: Instantly view player profiles from Raider.IO

Combine with Logitech’s LGS Arx Control to make the info pages appear on your WiFi-connected tablet or phone.

Runs on Mac OS & Windows

See in Browser or Phone

The web pages will appear in separate tabs. Depending on your operating systems version, the pages may appear in the foreground or background.

Access character and NPC information in your local region and local language.

iOS and Android


Raid Experience?

PVP Rank? 

Jump directly to the info you want to know most.  Need to know more about that player who wants into your raid?  Choose Raid page.  Want details on that PvP'er who just nailed you to the wall?  Choose PvP page.

Want to know a boss' loot table, or quickly see strategies to down him?  Target that boss or any NPC and activate ARX Armory to pull up the info page. You’ll find the WoW community has posted some amazing trivia about thousands of NPCs in the game; this app unlocks it all in the most intuitive way!  

Installation and calibration instructions are included with the download.

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