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macOS v5.4       18 Aug 19

Windows v5.5    2 Sep 19

Version 5.4 includes two versions of the G910xmit AddOn. The version for Battle for Azeroth has the most complete set of animation effects. The version for Classic brings most of the colorful effects to your old-school experience.

WoW G910

The animation engine for Logitech RGB keyboards in the World of Warcraft

If you play World of Warcraft™ and own a Logitech RGB LED gaming keyboard, then this is a must-have app!

Get a sparkling gaming experience in Azeroth and beyond:

WoW G910 was developed and named for the flagship G910 RGB keyboard but works with any Logitech device controlled by Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) including the G513, G512, G Pro, G810, G610, G510, G410, G213, G110, G19, and G13.

Click to read more about action bar cooldowns and color profiles.

WoW G910 requires MacOS 10.10 or newer, or Windows 7 or newer. 

It was tested to work great on:

  • MacOS 10.14.6 w/ LGS 8.98.306  (not compatible with G Hub on Mac)
  • Win10 Pro (ver 1809) w/ LGS  9.02.65 or G HUB 2018.13

Highly customizable in-game lighting

Game your way.  Put any of 12 custom colors anywhere on the keyboard and store that layout to a profile. With a total of 9 profiles available, you have a color layout for every mood and character.

Program your keyboard to match your WoW key bindings and the lights will show you when your spells are ready.

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