Seriously Fun Mac and Windows Software

Seriously Fun Mac and Windows Software

macOS v3.1       31 May 21

Windows v3.1    29 May 21

Frame Painter for LGS

Tips & Stuff

Work Smart

  • Use images smaller than 2000 x 2000 pixels. When you save the frame set, each frame stores a copy of its image at uncompressed original resolution. That makes it very convenient to go back and edit your frame set later, but it will use lots of memory and result in large frame set save files if you use a multi-megapixel image and create many frames.
  • You can load a GIF or PNG with transparency and the background color will show through the transparent areas.
  • The Load Sequence button will only activate after you’ve placed at least one frame into the frameset. This is because it will place the new group of images in the same position assuming they are all the same size. If you choose differently-sized pictures with Load Sequence, they will be brought in using default placement. 
  • To select multiple files for the Load Sequence button/feature, use shift-click or control-click (cmd-click on Mac) in the list of files in the file chooser.
  • Pixel color blending does not work around the edges of a picture. When the overlay is near the edge of an image, the color of the keys at the edge will either appear in the background color or a picture color. The Pixel Sample Size control has an effect on which one is chosen.
  • Currently "G910 U.S." and "G810 U.S." are the only overlay (and export) keyboard options. Other Logitech keyboard layouts and global regions could be added if there’s interest by those with paid registrations.
  • LGS requires all custom animations and .eft files to contain at least two frames. You must add at least two frames to your frame set before you can click the Export to LGS button. Both frames can be the same if you want to export a profile with still colors.


  • Enjoy for free loading, resizing, and animating pictures across your keyboard, all shown in real time. Save and load frame set animations in the app for free too, and you can play the frame sequences within the program.
  • To export your frame set into a format that LGS can use in the "Your Effects" lighting mode, you must register your copy of Frame Painter for LGS.
  • Registration grants you a license to use the program with the export feature on all the computers you own ("family sharing"). You may not share your registration code publicly.
  • To register, just click the "Export to LGS" button on an unregistered copy of the program.
  • Registration costs US $5 payable via PayPal to In the PayPal note you must include your name and a valid email address.
  • We will reply with an email containing your name, email, and registration code. All must be entered into the program. Your name will appear on the app’s main screen.

Software Versions

  • Version 3.1 — May 2021
    • Added new Overlay Automator feature to capture a series of frames by panning and zooming the overlay across an image.
    • Updated to latest embedded Java 1.8 runtime library

  • Version 3.0 — June 2019 (Windows only)
    • Added support for the G810 (US) keyboard. Exports .eft files that will animate the LEDs for the media keys and the NumLock, CapsLock, and ScrollLock indicators on the G810
      • While editing, those lights will appear in the canvas background color but the exported file will look great in LGS
    • Warns you if you try to export more than 150 frames, the limit in LGS
  • Version 2.5 — March 2018
    • No longer requires Java to be pre-installed
    • Eliminated need for shell script launcher on macOS but Mac users will need to reenter registration info
    • Minor interface changes
  • Version 2.0 — November 2017
    • New Load Sequence button to instantly create many frames from a group of related pictures
    • Interface overhaul with new graphics, new directional controls, better responsiveness, and much more
    • Press Alt while clicking on a directional arrow to move in larger increments
  • Version 1.2 — July 2017
    • Choose background color with CTRL-click in the canvas
    • New option to export to LGS using “blend” lighting transition
    • Usability fixes to number entry boxes & the frame set scroll bar
  • Version 1.1 — June 2017
    • Fixed swapped WIN and ALT key colors
    • Uses fastest frame rate on LGS exports
    • Code and usability fixes
  • version 1.0 — March 2017
    • Initial release

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