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macOS v5.0       4 Jul 18

Windows v5.0    4 Jul 18

WoW G910



I programmed a color profile and enabled “Override LGS color profile” but the colors don’t appear in the keyboard. The test button does make the keyboard flash red.


WoW 8.0 changed the name of the game file from Wow-64.exe to Wow.exe.  The lights may not update unless you fix this in WoW G910. To fix, ALT-click the icon for WoW on the WoW G910 window and change the expected name of the exe.

On the Windows version, WoW G910 only applies the keyboard lighting profile when it detects that WoW is running. By default, it looks for wow-64.exe in the Windows task list. If your WoW executable is named something else, fix it by ALT-clicking on the WoW icon in the main window and fix the path shown for WoW to end with the correct executable name.

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