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Tired of relinking your LGS gaming and lighting profiles every time Blizzard updates a game version?  Stress no more! LGS Blizzard Fix is here to automate that tedious task.

The Problem...

If you link LGS profiles to the launchers for certain Blizzard games, the profile won’t work because the launcher hands control over to a helper app to play the game. That helper app lives in a buried folder and every time Blizzard patches the game, that buried folder changes names. Keeping your LGS profile mapped to the helper apps is a pain!

The Answer!

LGS Blizzard Fix makes it 1-click easy to keep your LGS profiles linked to the right helper apps. You don’t have to know which Logitech XML game profiles belong to which game, or what the latest Blizzard game versions are. Just locate each of the versioned game files once and the app takes care of it from then on. If you have multiple LGS profiles for the same game, all profiles will be updated at once.

Works on (launcher app)
Heroes of the Storm
StarCraft II

and ready for more when Blizzard is

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